Reclaimed Coursed Granite Setts

Reclaimed Coursed Granite Setts

Reclaimed, greyish granite setts found under a building demolished recently in London's historic Brick Lane. Approximate coverage is 3 to 4 square yards (or square metres) per ton (or tonne). Courses range from approx 3ins - 9ins (7cms - 22cms), lengths from 6ins - 24ins (15cms - 60cms), and bed depth from 4ins - 10ins (10cms - 25cms). We have over 50 tons cleaned and bagged. Delivery can be arranged at cost. London's Victorian streets were gradually repaved with grey granite setts from the 1840s onwards, using Aberdeen or Scotch granite, Jersey granite supplied by John Mowlem, and Dartmoor granites. Mount Sorrel granite, also known as Leicester pinks can also be found. It is likely that the setts in some roads were a mixture reclaimed during street repairs, the construction of tramways and the laying of underground services such as gas pipes, water and sewage. The granite setts for sale in this ad may well be from quarries in Aberdeen, hence Aberdeen granite setts, which were supplied throughout the 1800s to London in large quantities by ship from Aberdeen to London docks, and were also known as cassies (diminutive of 'causeway'), cubes in moderns times, or erroneously as cobbles (which are naturally water-worn paving stones and not man-made quarried setts).

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