Reclaimed Antique Cast Iron Radiators

Reclaimed Antique Cast Iron Radiators

We have a very large collection of original, antique, cast iron radiators that can be altered and made up to any size especially for you. Whether you're looking for Victorian, decorative radiators, classic four column radiators, Princess or Duchess radiators or Chubby Churchill radiators, we are almost certain to have what you're looking for. All our cast iron radiators are fully restored, pressure tested, and ready to be connected to a modern heating system with standard 15mm valves. We receive original radiators in varying conditions, but we always do a thorough, methodical refurbishment. From £480+VAT Our extensive refurbishment includes thoroughly stripping every column and making the radiator ready for any finish you may want; painted or polished. The polishing is all done by hand, and so costs an extra £20 each section. If you're looking to install cast iron radiators in your home, come prepared with all the measurements you need. These include the height, width and length of each room (we will use these to work out the BTU requirement for the space), as well as any size restrictions that may be dictated by windows or doors.

£ 480 each plus VAT

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Antique Reclaimed Radiators