Reclaimed Hairpin Railings And Gates

Reclaimed Hairpin Railings And Gates

A set of reclaimed hairpin railings and gates. It consists of 24 pieces of railings which range from 66cm - 184cm, the majority being 184cm. There are two pairs of gates and upright posts. The gates can be sold as pairs or individually. Two pairs of gates with posts: £200 +VAT each Posts: £15 +VAT each Panels: £40 +VAT each Gates: 113cm high x 217cm overall width Railing widths: 18 x 184cm, 2 x 51cm, 2 x 90cm, 1x138cm, 1 x66cm. Five thicker posts: 181cm high Fourteen thinner posts: 170cm high

£40 +VAT each

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