About Us

V&V Reclamation specialises in architectural salvage, including original cast iron radiators, reclaimed flagstones and floor tiles, antique doors, antique gates and railings, reclaimed bathroom fittings, reclaimed building supplies and reclaimed bricks.

We hold the largest stock of reclaimed stone in the south of England, including reclaimed, antique, riven Yorkstone and sawn Yorkstone flagstones and paving. reclaimed provenance.

At V&V Reclamation we also source a wide range of impressive garden antiques including reclaimed and Victorian garden furniture, garden lighting and original cast iron lampposts, decorative stone statues and marble statues, water features, fountains and other reproduction and original stonework.

Browse our expansive range of assorted reclaimed and antique items online, or visit our Hertford site to see our full and ever-changing collection.

We are based in Hertford, on a large plot that is also home to Tree Heritage, a hedging, tree and plant nursery, making it a very pleasant and picturesque location to visit and browse the collection.


The idea to establish V&V came about when Jason reclaimed a very large amount of antique Yorkstone paving, measuring 10ft by 8ft, from the East lawn of the British Museum. Having limited space at his London yard, he needed somewhere sizeable enough to store the huge collection, and so he asked his best friend of 25 years Ed if there was any space at Tree Heritage, Ed's plant and tree nursery in Hertford. While the Yorkstone was stored at Tree Heritage, Ed received a large number of enquiries about it from people visiting the nursery. The demand led the pair to realise that the site would be a fantastic location to showcase the very best reclaimed building materials, architectural salvage and garden antiques, in an attractive, countryside setting. Jason and Ed very quickly built up a cornucopia of interesting and spectacular architectural items salvaged from many prestigious London buildings. The huge site, full of beautiful specimen trees and shrubs, was an especially ideal location for showing off the larger pieces of architectural salvage to their full potential. The name, V&V, is taken from the pair's middle names.

V&V Reclamation has been involved in a number of impressive salvage jobs in prestigious buildings and historically important locations. Jason and Ed were involved in the salvaging the Baltic Exchange building, which turned out to be the largest architectural salvage project in Europe since the original London Bridge was sold and relocated to a town in Arizona in 1967.
At V&V, we offer an astonishingly diverse collection of interior and exterior architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials, furniture and fixtures and fittings. We hold an impressively large range and are almost certain to have something that you're looking for. Quite often our most spectacular or unique pieces never make it to the website, as they get snapped up immediately by visitors to the site, so it's always worth a visit!

Can you arrange delivery?

We can arrange nationwide delivery for all our items, please contact us to arrange a quote.


Are you open at weekends?

We are open on Saturday 9am - 12.30pm, and can open on Sundays by appointment.


Do all your prices include VAT?

No. All prices are subject to VAT.


How long does it take to have an item refurbished, such as a cast iron fireplace insert?

Renovation, restoration and refurbishment, either in Hertford or London, usually takes around two weeks - depending on the size and original state of the item.


Can you lay the York stone flagstones for me?

Yes, please contact us with your requirements and location when buying the Yorkstone.


Do you offer a fireplace installation service?

We can recommend reliable and skilled fitters - please contact us to find out more.


How many extra flags or boards should I buy for my space?

Generally we recommend purchasing around 10% more than the square footage to account for wastage. If you have a particularly odd shaped space, this may increase.