Architectural Metalwork

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Reclaimed Entrance Gates



Substantial Reclaimed Studded Trough



A Set Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Railings

£200+VAT each


Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gate



Pair Of Reclaimed Driveway Gates

£425 + VAT (Pair)


Square Field Gate with Latch



Wrought Iron Patterned Gate



A Pair of White Reclaimed Entrance Gates

£400 + VAT


A Pair of Reclaimed Entrance Gates



Round-Topped Wrought Iron Gate

£250 + VAT


Small Architectural Double Gate



Antique Wrought Iron Art Deco Panel



Reclaimed Cast Iron Ideal Radiator



Original Reclaimed Ideal Radiator



Reclaimed Ideal Cast Iron Radiator



Pair Of Original Ideal Radiators



Pair Of Reclaimed Ideal Radiators

£400+VAT each


Reclaimed Cast Iron Radiator



Reclaimed Polished Radiator



Reclaimed Iron Gate and Railings

£300 +VAT set


A Set Of Ornate Wrought Iron Railings

£350 +VAT per linear meter


Reclaimed Cast Iron Radiators



A Pair Of Wrought Iron Railings

£250 +VAT each


A Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gate

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Hairpin Railings And Gates

£40 +VAT each


Reclaimed Low Railings

£120 +VAT each


Reclaimed Ornate Railings

£ 140 plus VAT


Reclaimed Hairpin Railings

£80 +VAT each


Reclaimed Tilting Parking Bollards

£40 +VAT each


A Pair Of Reclaimed Bollards

£70 +VAT each


Reclaimed Cast Iron Gates

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Galvanised Railings

£150 +VAT (each)


A Pair Of Reclaimed Iron Gates

£800 +VAT (Pair)


A Very Large Pair Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gates

£2,500 +VAT


Reclaimed tree Grate

£160 +VAT


Reclaimed Screens on Wheels

£500-£650 +VAT (each)


A Reclaimed Piece Of Railing

£100 +VAT


Two Pieces Of Railings

£100 +VAT each


A Stunning Pair Of Iron Gates

£450 +VAT (Pair)


Pair Of Reclaimed Gates

£350 +VAT (Pair)


Reclaimed Blue Iron Gate

£550 +VAT


A Quantity Of Art Deco Cast Iron Grills

£290 +VAT


A Pair Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gates

£550 +VAT


A Pair Of Imposing Reclaimed Iron Gates

£ 300.00


A Pair Of Reclaimed Inverse Heart Design Gates

£450 +VAT


Pair Of Reclaimed Heart Pattern Gates

£450 +VAT


Reclaimed Painted Iron Gate

£295 +VAT


Reclaimed Grey Wrought Iron Gate

£250 +VAT


A Lightly Painted Reclaimed Garden Gate

£295 +VAT


Reclaimed Wrought Iron Balconette Railings

£ 100 each


fire insert

£ 350


Antique Reclaimed 3 Column Radiator

£ 440 plus VAT


Antique Reclaimed Duchess Radiators

£ 430 plus VAT


Antique Reclaimed Painted Radiator

£480 +VAT


Antique Reclaimed Radiator

£480 +VAT


Antique Reclaimed Radiator

£480 +VAT


Reclaimed Cast Iron Drain Covers

£60 +VAT each


Antique Reclaimed Lead Downpipe

£250 + VAT


A Pair Of Antique Reclaimed Cast Iron Posts

£1,200 +VAT


A Pair Of Imposing Antique Wrought Iron Gates