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A pair of cast iron gates

£2500 + VAT


A York stone table

£450 + VAT


York stone sink

£200 + VAT


York stone sink

£180 + VAT


Cast iron table base

£150 + VAT


Cast iron table base

£180 + VAT


A Set Of Flower Baskets

£ 25


A Reclaimed Garden Bench

£120 +VAT


Large Reclaimed Table

£ 450


Reclaimed Hardwood Table

£250 +VAT


Reclaimed White Hanging Chair

£600 +VAT


Pair Of Reclaimed Hardwood Benches

£350 +VAT each


A Garden Table And Two Benches

£600 +VAT


A Reclaimed Reproduction GWR Bench

£550.00 + vat


Reclaimed Stone Bench

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Cast Iron S&C Sewing Base

£295 +VAT


Octagonal Planter

£295.00+ vat


Pair of Long Tom Planters

£ 150 each plus VAT

Quantity in stock: 2

Reclaimed Chimney Pots

£ 60 plus VAT

Quantity in stock: 2

Reclaimed Yorkstone and Sandstone Garden Table

£450 +VAT


Decorative Stone Wall Fountain

£2,500 +VAT


A Pair Of Fluted Edged Reclaimed MetalPlanters

£1,200 +VAT pair


Reclaimed 'Wales and Wales' Oak Bench - 4 Available

£450 +VAT


Reclaimed Impressive Curved Stone Garden Bench with Lions

£ 8,000 plus VAT


Stone Bagatelle Urns on Doulton Plinths


Short Basket Weave Urns


Tall Basket Weave Pots

£180.00+ vat


Large Weave Basket Pots

£180.00+ vat


Rope Top Weave Basket Urns

£140.00+ vat


Huntress Statue on Pedestal

£485.00+ vat


Large Stone Hunter Statue

£485.00 + vat


Pair of Reclaimed Crushed Marble Lion Statues



Reclaimed Sandstone Boulders - Large Quantity

£250+VAT per ton


Weave Basket Urns

£ 160


Tapered Weave Basket Urn

£120.00+ vat


Reconstituted Stone Neptune's Head Wall Fountain

£200.00+ vat


Large Decorative Stone Vase

£1400.00+ vat


A Large Stone Pharaoh Garden Ornament

£ 250.00


Marble Benches Reclaimed from the Barbican



Curved Wooden Garden Bench

£ 450.00


Pair of Latticework Stone Urns

£180+VAT each


Pair of Large Lion Statues

£ 1,400 per pair plus VAT


Reclaimed Cast Iron Urns on Plinths



Acanthus Leaf Fountain on Plinth

£ 1,800 plus VAT


Pair of Reclaimed Stone Lions

£1,800 + vat


Pair of reclaimed reproduction Austin Seeley Stone Urns on Plinths

£ 1,500.00 per pair plus VAT


Large Portland Stone Pot

£3,500 + vat


Gothic Stone Plinth

£365+VAT each


Antique Stone Boot Scraper

250.00 + VAT


Pair of Carved Portland Stone Urns

£ 3,500.00