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Reclaimed Cast Iron Desk with Marble Top

£395 + VAT


Cast Iron Mangle Base with Tin Top

£120 + VAT


Reclaimed Gravestone Table

£1250 + VAT


Pair Of Reclaimed Chairs

£60+VAT each


Reclaimed Oval Table



Reclaimed Pine Table



Reclaimed Marble Side Table



Reclaimed Teak Table Tops

£140+VAT each work top


Reclaimed Pine Airer



Reclaimed Industrial Drawers

£250 +VAT


Reclaimed Companion chest

£500 +VAT


A Pair Of Reclaimed Industrial Drawers

£100 +VAT each


Solid Reclaimed Tables

£250 +VAT each


Reclaimed Vintage Gym Stool

£60 +VAT


Reclaimed Vintage Gym Stool

£80 +VAT


Pair Of Reclaimed Heart Pattern Gates

£450 +VAT


Reclaimed Pine And Cast Iron Industrial Table

£225 +VAT


Antique Wooden Topped Cast Iron Table

£295 +VAT


Reclaimed Ornate Mirror Frame

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Pitch Pine Linen Cupboard

£450 +VAT


Gilt Wall Mirror

£350 +VAT


Vintage Industrial Drawers

£140 +VAT


Reclaimed Vintage Oak Wooden Chairs

£45+VAT each


Vintage Industrial Metal Storage Unit



Tower of London Iron Window Frame Window



Industrial Metal Storage Case