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Victorian cast iron tiled insert

£650 + VAT


Georgian cast iron insert

£950 + VAT


Antique Victorian cast iron fire

£550.00 + VAT


Victorian cast iron insert

£500.00 + VAT


Antique Victorian cast iron insert

£500.00 + VAT


antique cast iron fireplace

£415.00 + VAT


Victorian cast iron fireplace

£450.00 + VAT


Antique cast iron fire basket

£575.00 + VAT


antique cast iron fireplace

£425.00 + VAT


Antique Cast Iron Fireback



Reclaimed 19th Century Cast Iron Fireback



Reclaimed Cast Iron Fireback



Reclaimed Tiled Insert



Antique Reclaimed Tiled Insert



Reclaimed Stone Fireplace



Reclaimed Cast Iron Tile Insert



Reclaimed Brass Coal Bucket



Polished Cast Iron Combination Fireplace



Reclaimed Victorian Cast Iron Fire Surround



Reclaimed Marble Fireplace Surround



Victorian Style Cast Iron Fire Insert



Reclaimed Brass Hood



Reclaimed Victorian Polished Fireplace



Antique Reclaimed Edwardian Fireplace



Reclaimed Marble Fireplace



Reclaimed Brass Telscopic Fire Fender



Reclaimed Cast Iron Fire Insert



Reclaimed Brass Kettle



Pair Of Reclaimed Fire Tool Rests



Reclaimed Brass Fire Irons



Reclaimed Coal Bucket



Reclaimed Copper Bucket



Reclaimed Coal Bucket

£50 +VAT


Late Victorian Early Edwardian Combination Fireplace

£425 +VAT


Reclaimed Swans Nest

£120 +VAT


Reclaimed Fire Basket

£120 +VAT


Reclaimed Fire Guard

£75 +VAT


Reclaimed Art Nouveau Fire Fender

£250 +VAT


Reclaimed Fire Fender

£125 +VAT


Reclaimed Curved fire fender

£150 +VAT


Reclaimed fire fender

£75 +VAT


Reclaimed Brass Fire Fender

£150 +VAT


Antique Adam Edwardian fire surround



Antique Coalbrookdale Cast Iron fire surround



Reclaimed Antique Wooden fire surround



Antique Adam Style Wooden Fire Surround



Antique Victorian Wooden Fire surround With Ribbon Swag Design



Antique Victorian Cast Iron Corbel Fireplace Surround



Antique Victorian Cast Iron Fire Insert

£350 +VAT


Antique Victorian Fire Insert



Reclaimed Fireback

£195 +VAT


Antique Reclaimed Wooden Georgian Style Fire Surround

£850 +VAT


Antique Reclaimed Wooden Edwardian Fire Surround

£450 +VAT


Reclaimed Edwardian Style Wooden Fire Surround

£550 +VAT


Reclaimed Edwardian Surround And Neoclassical Overmantle



Antique Reclaimed Edwardian Pine Fire Surround

£650 +VAT


Reclaimed 1920's Carved Oak Fire Surround



Reclaimed Wooden Fire Surround

£400 +VAT


Antique Reclaimed Edwardian Wooden Fire Surround



A Stone Fire Surround