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Reclaimed Bullnosed Yorkstone

£150+VAT linear meter


Reclaimed Granite Kerb Stones

£30+VAT each


Job Lot Of Reclaimed Yorkstone

£150 +VAT Lot


Reclaimed 5" Yorkstone

£80 +VAT per square meter


Reclaimed Staffordshire Blue Coloured Pavers

£ 1.40

Quantity in stock: 270

Reclaimed Red Pavers

£1.40 +VAT each


Large Quantity Of Yorkstone Flagstones

£100 +VAT per square meter


Large Quantity Of Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

£20 +VAT square meter


Reclaimed Angle Edge Sandstone Coping

£45 +VAT per linear metre


Reclaimed Paving/ Coping

£40 +VAT per square metre


Reclaimed Haddonstone Coping

£20 +VAT per linear foot


Reclaimed 2 inch Antique Portland Stone Flagstones

£120 +VAT per square meter


Reclaimed Portland Stone Steps/ Flagstones

£120 +VAT per square meter


75mm/ 3 inch Six Sided Sawn York Stone

£85 +VAT per square meter


49mm/ 2 inch Six Sided Sawn York Stone

£85 +VAT per square meter


Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving Slabs

£85+VAT per square metre


Reclaimed Sandstone Boulders - Large Quantity

£250+VAT per ton


Sawn Greenmoor Rustic Yorkstone Paving Slabs


Reclaimed Coursed Granite Setts

£195+VAT per ton


Reclaimed Granite Kerbing

£20+VAT per linear yard