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Reclaimed Entrance Gates



A Set Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Railings

£200+VAT each


Square Field Gate with Latch



Wrought Iron Patterned Gate



A Pair of White Reclaimed Entrance Gates

£400 + VAT


A Pair of Reclaimed Entrance Gates



Round-Topped Wrought Iron Gate

£250 + VAT


Small Architectural Double Gate



Antique Wrought Iron Art Deco Panel



A pair of cast iron gates

£2500 + VAT


Reclaimed Iron Gate and Railings

£300 +VAT set


A Set Of Ornate Wrought Iron Railings

£350 +VAT per linear meter


A Pair Of Wrought Iron Railings

£250 +VAT each


A Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gate

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Hairpin Railings And Gates

£40 +VAT each


Reclaimed Low Railings

£120 +VAT each


Reclaimed Ornate Railings

£ 140 plus VAT


Reclaimed Hairpin Railings

£80 +VAT each


Reclaimed Cast Iron Gates

£350 +VAT


Reclaimed Galvanised Railings

£150 +VAT (each)


A Pair Of Reclaimed Iron Gates

£800 +VAT (Pair)


A Very Large Pair Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gates

£2,500 +VAT


A Reclaimed Piece Of Railing

£100 +VAT


Two Pieces Of Railings

£100 +VAT each


A Stunning Pair Of Iron Gates

£450 +VAT (Pair)


Pair Of Reclaimed Gates

£350 +VAT (Pair)


Reclaimed Blue Iron Gate

£550 +VAT


A Pair Of Reclaimed Wrought Iron Gates

£550 +VAT


A Pair Of Imposing Reclaimed Iron Gates

£ 300.00


A Pair Of Reclaimed Inverse Heart Design Gates

£450 +VAT


Reclaimed Painted Iron Gate

£295 +VAT


Reclaimed Grey Wrought Iron Gate

£250 +VAT


A Lightly Painted Reclaimed Garden Gate

£295 +VAT


Reclaimed Wrought Iron Balconette Railings

£ 100 each


A Pair Of Imposing Antique Wrought Iron Gates



Reclaimed Iron Entranceway Gates



Pair of Reclaimed Iron Gates



Reclaimed Wrought Iron Entranceway Gates



Reclaimed Wrought Iron Arched Panels

£750+VAT pair


Antique Iron Spearhead Railings

£110+VAT per linear metre


Reclaimed Art Deco Wrought Iron Railings

£450+VAT per panel


Antique Quatrefoil Heavy Wrought Iron Gates



Antique Iron Wall Railings



Iron Gate



Antique Cast Iron Gates



Pair of 20th Century Wrought Iron Gates