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Portland Stone Column

£2000 + VAT each


Reclaimed Stone Bench

£850 + VAT


Terracotta stone work

£650 + VAT


The Reclaimed Fanum Call Sign For AA Building

£1950 - £2950 + VAT


Reclaimed Piece Of Stone

£40 +VAT


A Reclaimed Pier Cap

£100 +VAT


A Pair Of Reconstituted Stone Pier Caps

£350 +VAT (Pair)


Reclaimed Terracotta Pier Cap

£200 +VAT


Reclaimed Wall Plaque

£180 +VAT


Reclaimed Portland Stone Columns

£ 12,000 per pair plus VAT


Antique Victorian Sandstone Archway

£7995 +VAT


Antique Portland Stone Cartouches From St James's Market, London


Antique Portland Stone Cartouche - 3 Available

£2250+VAT each or £6000+VAT for all three


Reclaimed Carved Crown Bricks

£60+VAT each


Reclaimed Tapered Stone Coping

£50+VAT linear yard


Antique Reclaimed Stone Finials

£2500+VAT pair


Antique Portland Stone Carved Architectural Elements

£ 150 plus VAT


Reclaimed Westmorland Green Slate

£80+vat per sq yard


Reclaimed Slate



Reclaimed Large Stone Pier Caps

£450+VAT the pair


Large Portland Stone Pier Caps

£750+VAT the pair


Reclaimed Constituted Stone Pier Caps

£150.00+VAT each


Original Portland Stone Pier Caps

£250+VAT each


Sandstone Piers

£650.00+vat each