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Substantial Reclaimed Studded Trough



Reclaimed Lead Statue



Reclaimed Crushed Marble Fountain



Reclaimed Marble Column

£450 + VAT


Reclaimed Marble Female Statue



Reclaimed Stone Foutainhead



Pair of Bronze Lions on Decorative Plinths

£12000 + VAT


Reclaimed Portland Stone Cherubs Fountain on Plinth

£4950 + VAT


Victorian Style Boy with Fish Water Feature



Antique Reclaimed Bird Bath/Sundial



An Original Substantial Portland Stone Pond



Gothic Style Octagonal Urns

£ 520 each plus VAT


Traditional Blashfield Stone Urns On Plinths

£ 710 each plus VAT


Reclaimed Thomas Hope Stone Vase



Stone Urn With Leaf Decoration



Large Reclaimed Warwick Stone Vase On Plinth



Terracotta colour Cherub Planter Trough

£ 600 plus VAT


Pair Of Reclaimed Dancing Cherubs

£370 +VAT each


A Reclaimed Stone Garden Statue

£395 +VAT


Reclaimed Stone Satyr Fountainhead

£160 +VAT


Victorian Style Three Tier Fountain

£ 2,800 plus VAT


Reclaimed Stone Aphrodite Statue

£700 +VAT


A Pair Of Reclaimed Lions

£2,800 +VAT (Pair)


Antique Staffordshire Clay Griffin

£9,500 +VAT


A Large Fluted Urn

£900 +VAT


A Pair Of Reclaimed Wimbledon Planters

£350 +VAT each


Reclaimed Stone Statue Of Cupid

£395 +VAT


Pair of Milton Vases on Plinths

£3,600 +VAT each


Large Winged Lion on Plinth

£4,700 + VAT each


Octagonal Planter

£295.00+ vat


Pair of Long Tom Planters

£ 150 each plus VAT

Quantity in stock: 2

Reclaimed Portland Stone Peir Cap

£350 +VAT


A Composit Stone Sun Dial

£750 +VAT


Reclaimed Chimney Pots

£ 60 plus VAT

Quantity in stock: 2

Decorative Stone Wall Fountain

£2,500 +VAT


A Pair Of Fluted Edged Reclaimed MetalPlanters

£1,200 +VAT pair


A Pair Of Reclaimed Lions

£750 +VAT pair


A Pair Of Reclaimed Reconstituted Stone Urns

£295 +VAT each


A Reproduction Composite Pond

£4,500 +VAT


Stone Bagatelle Urns on Doulton Plinths


Short Basket Weave Urns


Tall Basket Weave Pots

£180.00+ vat


Large Weave Basket Pots

£180.00+ vat


Rope Top Weave Basket Urns

£140.00+ vat


Huntress Statue on Pedestal

£485.00+ vat


Large Stone Hunter Statue

£485.00 + vat


Pair of Reclaimed Crushed Marble Lion Statues



Tapered Weave Basket Urn

£120.00+ vat


Reconstituted Stone Neptune's Head Wall Fountain

£200.00+ vat


Large Decorative Stone Vase

£1400.00+ vat


Pair of Latticework Stone Urns

£180+VAT each


Reclaimed Cast Iron Urns on Plinths



Pair of Reclaimed Stone Lions

£1,800 + vat


Pair of reclaimed reproduction Austin Seeley Stone Urns on Plinths

£ 1,500.00 per pair plus VAT


Large Portland Stone Pot

£3,500 + vat


Gothic Stone Plinth

£365+VAT each